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Life Coaching

A life coach is someone who can help you achieve your goals, and ultimately realize your dreams. Below are three example in which Tyndall Harris' Life Coaching provides help,


College students often have a very difficult time adjusting to college life. There are issues with roommates, academics and social life as well as questions about majors and what life path to choose. Students who are away from home are hesitant to call on their parents for support, choosing to handle their problems themselves rather than falling into old patterns of dependency on family. Colleges no longer adopt the parental role of years past, students are often left floundering. This can cause a great deal of anxiety for the student, but also for the parent. Parents, who are spending a lot of money on college, are frustrated because even though colleges seem to have a large array of resources that would virtually assure their child's success, their student often does not know what is required to access these services. Also, the student may worry that asking for certain services could damage his or her permanent academic or social record. This is where a coach can provide invaluable assistance. The coach can help the successful student reduce or eliminate any roadblocks to the successful achievement of goals. An investment in coaching can help a client define their goals and help them maintain their focus, reducing the likelihood of failure during the critical first two years of college.


Most of us have dreams that we fail to realize because we construct roadblocks. The job of a coach is to help you identify those barriers to your goals and create a path around them. Fro example, just like a track coach's job is to help remove the obstacles that prevent the runner from doing his or her best. Life coaches help those in business succeed by providing an independent sounding board with whom the client can consult about a wide range of topics related to both personal life and business life. The valuable coach is able to provide a positive sounding board, as well as maintaining an objective view, and keeping the focus on achieving those goals.


All people, young and old alike, have wishes and dreams. They may want to consult with someone about how to make their lives work better for them and remind themselves of their dreams and develop stragies for achieving them. They may wish to answer some of the following questions:

How to find a soul mate or have a great relationship?

How to have friends/be socially acceptable?

How to gain recognition, power, and acceptance?

How to have a career with meaning and purpose?

How to loose/gain weight and have a healthy body?

Tyndall Harris, and life coaching can help you address all or some of these issues. If you have the desire to find ways that will work for you, and are willing to do the necessary work to achieve your goals, then your coach will help you achieve your dreams.

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