Tyndall Harris
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My Speciaties

This page describes my specialities. Of course, if you have other issues I would be happy to discuss them with you and together we could decide if you would benefit from working with me.

Relationship Issues with lovers, family members, neighbors, and employers.

Working with individuals, couples and groups to help you enhance your relationship is one of the keystones of my practice. Many people want others to change but find themselves in a powerless position where they only have control over what they do, therefore, I help people see the results of their changing the only behavior that can control and observing the effects it has on others.

Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Questioning Individuals and families.

People who are questioning their sexual orientation or those who know that they are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual often face many problems. These may include internalized homophobia, depression, substance abuse, dating and relationship concerns as well as self esteem and coming out issues. My training has been geared towards serving the needs of this community with work in marriage and family, substance abuse, relationship issues and generalized anxiety and depression. Transgendered people often have special needs as they adjust to their changing societial roles and the multitude of changes in their lives. I specialize in sexual minority clientel and believe I can help you create a happier life for yourself no matter what your gender or sexual orientation may be.

Stress Management

One of today's prime issues is learning to cope in the hectic and stressful world in which we live. I provide clients stress management tools to help them learn techniques and solutions to the harmful effects of this stressful life. Not all stress is a bad thing, but learning to cope with it is a worthwhile endeavor so that we may maintain our health.

Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Addictions

Alcohol and substance abuse are some of the issues that face many people today. Problems with work, family and the law often result from the use and abuse of these products. In conjunction with Gail Chadwell we provide an array of services for clients dealing with substance abuse issues. These services include assessments, Alchol and Drug Education Traffic School, 20 hour psycho-educational groups and individual and family counseling. Groups are offered on Saturdays to allow clients to continue their work schedules while meeting the legal requirents of DWI or court ordered counseling.

Depression and Anxiety

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are one of the primary mental health issues facing American society. With both problems it has been found that talk-therapy, sometimes in conjunction with psychotropic drug therapy are the most effective treatments for providing relief from these often dibilitating conditions. I work with clients to create solutions to their conditions and help them develop effective strategies for moving beyond their depression or anxity to a happier and healthier life.

Living with a chronic disease

Life with a chronic illness or living with someone who has a chronic illness can be a challenge. Often many adjustments must be made and a sense of both anger and frustration can develop. I provide supportive counseling for coping with a life that includes a chronic illness. My passion for this comes from having lived with a chronic illness for over 20 years and wanting to help others as they learn to cope with the issues surrounding their health status.

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