Tyndall Harris
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About Us

Clients may want to know more about Tyndall Harris.
This page lets you know about my background, philosophy and some personal items.

My Background

I have a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Appalachian State University. I spent three years working as Assistant Dean of Students at Hanover College where I served as a counselor to students prior to returning to school to obtain a doctorate. After completing my doctorate at UNC-Chapel Hill in adult and higher education, I worked for several years in research. Knowing then that I prefered working more directly with clients, I returned to school to obtain a Masters of Science in community counseling at UNC Greensboro. I was particularly interested in working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered clients and in particular those who came out within the context of a traditional marriage. Therefore, I took extra coursework in marriage and family counseling and substance abuse counseling to better serve these clients and became a nationally certified counselor.

My Philosophy

I believe that counseling and coaching are processes that involve working together to provide the client with the best possible services. I have spent many hours training to develop skills and techniques to help serve each client in a unique and beneficial way. The key to our work together is not in any particular methodology but in the relationship that we build together. If we are able to build a strong, trusting relationship that allows us to understand and share the issues that the client brings to the session then we have already accomplished three-quarters of the process for creating a solution.

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